Lisa and Tim have been junkin’ and selling for years and love everything about it. They have had many businesses through the decades, but have always loved collecting, selling and creating. Together they started this great vintage and DIY store in the older part of O’Fallon, MO. When it was time to grow to a bigger store, good friends Valerie and Scott became part of the business.

Valerie and Scott caught the junkin’ bug from their parents, and have filled their home with lots of timeless treasures. They love to visit flea markets, auctions and roadside sales with the hope of finding rusty gems.

Why the name Elderberry Place? Lisa was searching for a nostalgic name and something different. Tim loves to garden, pick berries, and cook with them, including 250 jars of jelly for their son’s wedding! Their family enjoys lots of jelly, crepes, and anything else that can be done with berries, so the name was fitting, as well as nostalgic.